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TOP 10 ATARI 65XE Games

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In the old days of 80's Atari 65xe Games that I used to played lots in 1986!

1) Zybex - Great shoot em up which I finished it and it had everythings you want!

2) Draconus - Great game with good graphics, Music and gameplay

3) Joe Blade - Great game but 30 years on, I still couldnt finished it

4) Jock Wilson Dart Challange - Challanging game as I got to final but lost to man himself(Jock) and it is really hard as he kept throwing 180 most of time. The only way you going beat him is have most 180 much as you can and also finished the double perfectly

5) BMX/GP Simulator - BMX or Grand Prix Simulator is great fun and even more fun against friends

6) Centipede - It was Fast n Furious game, you got be quick to kill centipede and watch out for tricky spiders

7) GhostBuster - Good fun of catching the ghost and music is so catchy tune too.

8 ) Henry's House - Good Plaform Colourful game which I enjoy so much playing them!

9) Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager - In this game where you have scout, chairman talk to and it also got better match day to watched.

10) Football of the Year - I was hooked on that game and try score many goals as you can. It is shame about Unrealistic High scoring Result

The other games I used played should be mentions on my blogs are

Star Raiders - First game for Atari using 3D Starfields I think!
International Karate
Blue Max
Spy Vs Spy
Missile Commands
Ace of Ace
AirStrike 2 (My first Shoot em up game!)
California Run( MY first racing car game!)
Cloak of the death
Fantastic Soccer
Ninja Master
Green Beret
Hard Ball
Leaper( My Dad fav game!)
Ninja Commando
Red Max( Good Old Codemaster game!)
Savage Pond
Speed Ace
Steve Davis Snooker
Up, Up and away
World Soccer
Space Invaders

What Games should I have played before Switching C64(they had better games hence why) in 1987

Boulder Dash
Bruce Lee

The Next Blogs will be about C64 Stay Tune

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  1. DojoDan's Avatar
    I have an Atari 800XL + SIO2SD that hasn't had much use because there's so much on it, now I know which games to try first. Cheers
  2. NinjaRabbit's Avatar
    I have no experience of the Atari 8-bit home computers from back in the day (I had a C64, and didn't know anyone who had an Atari XL or XE machine), so this list is really helpful in pointing me towards things that should be worth checking out. Thanks very much!

    My only real experience of the Atari XL/XE systems is recent, because I tracked down a game for them to add to my Lemmings collection - it's a really impressive unofficial Lemmings clone, called "The Brundles" - it's really rather good.