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TOP 10 C64 Games

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In 1987, when I first got C64 and some games. I was blow away how fast the loading time was and also they have Much better Games too.

Now for TOP 10 C64 Games(from 1987 to 1991) and most game I used to played are...

1) Turrican 2 - No Brainer....Out of this World and best of all is only 1MHZ and 64k Ram! You should turn up the music volume to hear Amazing music as I felt like listen to Hi FI as It was that GOOD!

2) IK+ - WOW, Music itself is unbelievable and the fact you dont hear anymore today game! It had everythings you want....Animations is amazing and so is the gameplay with 2 players as the fun can go on forever!

3) Last Ninja 2 - Impressive game with great music that beat any system even put 16bit computer to shame!

4) Rainbow Island - Very colorful graphics and great Gameplay!

5) Armalyte - The intro Music is that good as you seem forgetting it is Humble C64 - Great Shoot em up

6) Batman - What a Great film tie game from start to finished

7) Myth history in Making(Cart versions) - The intro even got Speech and it is hardest game to played thought

8 ) Iron Man Super Off Road or Salamander - Either of them good fun

9) Midnight Resistance - You all the guns and fight your way through Good Game

10) The Way of Exploding Fist - You work all up to Black Belt !

The other games I used played should be mentions on my blogs are

IO ( Really Hard Shoot em up!)
Football of year
Bubble Bobble
Last Ninja 1 and 3( Last ninja 3 must have push the machine to limited and intro is Incredible!)
Rick Dangerious ( Quite hard game as you have keep remember all the trap!)
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh
Joe Blade
Green Beret
Pitshop 2
Football Manager 2
Shoot em up Kit
Ghost and Goblin
Target Renegade
Spy vs Spy
Operation Wolf
Ace of Aces
Double Dragon 1 and 2
Bruce Lee

What Games should I have played before Switching AMIGA(they had better games hence why) in 1991

Boulder Dash
The great Giana Sister
Creature 2

The Next Blogs will be about AMIGA Stay Tune

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