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Commander and Conquer Zero Hour - Impossible Skirmish Challenge !

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Commander and conquer Zero hour?

What is really about? Well, You are the General as begin of the Skirmish game. You can choose whichever Generals weather it USA, China or GLA.

They all got strongest and weakest in each Generals.
Your Job is control your Armys weather it tanks, Armys, Aircrafts, Super Weapon as it all about decisions making on what you trying to do and how to beat their weakest.

IF you are really Beginner of new game then Played against Easy Armys. First things you do is learn how to build your defence then learn how to Attack them!
Once you have Master it.....

IF you have done so easily against Easy Armys over time then It would be good time to Step up to Medium Armys!

If you playing Medium Armys then You got reacted really quickly build your defence and attack them Quickly as possible!

If You playing Hard Armys, then It is the same things but they always find your weakest in your Defence. Always make sure you got no Hole in Defence otherwise they will beat you and you will be hopeless to stop them!

Oil Fields? It is good to capture them for extra moneys

Moneys Supply? The more Moneys Supplys you have the faster you will be able build Huge Armys!

You(Whichever General you are) Vs 7 Hard Armys of Either

USA Super Weapon General

You ask me why it is impossible?

Well for start, USA Super Weapon General have 5 particle cannons in one go in Beginning!
GLA? Well the Scuds Storm is very powerful Weapon which can easily wipe out anyone Base!

What about China? Well IF You are USA Laser General or USA Super Weapon General then You can quickly build Many Parctle cannons in short space of time plus get your Aurora Bombers ready to strike their Super Weapons quickly as possible then your half job is done. You still have worked hard to Win it thought!

Which is Hardest General Armys out of the all? The answer is simple.....USA Super Weapon General.

Have you got Good Tips on how to beat them?

Yes, Take out their Commander Centre and their Tractors Quickly as Possible then take out all their Power plant as then they wont be able to used particle cannons without Power Plants!

Good Commander

Let me know if you can do it! LOL

Updated 22nd November 2014 at 20:16 by Amiga Forever

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