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Top 10 PC Games

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I switched to PC on year 2000 and You wouldnt like to know how much PC System that I payed for which was 1,300 from PC World! Shocking

Now then TOP 10 PC Games I have the most are

1) Commander and Conquer Zero Hour - I have played the game loads of times and online gaming too. I love building my Armys, When to defence and when to attack them!

2) Championship Manager 01/02 - Fastest game where you speed through the season in 3 hours and there is speed hacked where you can do it in 1 hours 10 mins a season compare today Football manager which take you days to complete the season!

3) Unreal Tournament - Fast and Excellent game which had everythings you want and also online gaming too!

4) Quake/Doom - Either game is really good games

5) R.U.S.E - Good game with Strong AI as it all about planning ahead and also spy at them on what they going to do and you have be Ready!

6) Company of Heroes - Good fun game as there always unexpected when things show up and so much actions

7) Rollercoaster Tycoon - Build own Ride and rollercoaster! Music is great

8 ) GTA 4 - It had everythings you want, Drive car, airplane and the lists is endless

9) Elite Sniper V2 - When you are Sniper and you got be very patient and when to strike then move different place otherwise they will know where you are!

10) Football Manager 2010 - Build your team to the top!

and for rest other PC games that I have played before are

DOOM 3( Scary as hell but good fun!)
Championship Manager 2
Company of Heroes 2
Devil May Cry 4
Monkey Island 1 and 2
F1 2012
BioShock 1, 2 and 3
Commander and conquer Red Alert 1, 2 and 3
Commander and Conquer 4( AWFUL!)
Commander and conquer 3
Crysis 1 and 2
Dark Sector( Bit like Metal gear soild game!)
Deus EX
Dirt 3
Doom 2
Duke Nukem 3D
Fear 1, 2 and 3
Far Cry
Just cause 2
Metal Slug 3
Quake 2
Sniper Ghost Warriors
Ailen Breed Impact 1, 2 and 3
Cannon Fodder 3(Awful!)
Sid Meier's Civilization 1,2,4,5
Super Commander 1 and 2
Virtua Tennis
Wargame Airland battle

The games I havnt played.....ummmm I just cant think anymore...maybe you tell me what I should have played on PC from year 2000 to November 2014 now

The Next Blogs will be about Playstation 2 Stay Tune
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  1. Harrison's Avatar
    I noticed you didn't list any RPGs? Are you not into them? Have you tried many?

    Baldur's Game
    Dragon Age
    Star Wars The Old Republic
    Mass Effect

    The PC has a very rich and diverse genre of RPGs and for me the best genre of them all.

    You list a few racing games. Have you tried any of the GRID or Shift series?
  2. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    I am not really RPG Fan I am afraid....

    Grid? I didnt like it as impossible to contol the car. Grid 2? they improve car handling but I havnt played much....
    Shift ? good game and somethings different
  3. Harrison's Avatar
    Grid? I didnt like it as impossible to contol the car. Grid 2? they improve car handling but I havnt played much....
    Most argue it's the other way. The original GRID had fairly realistic feeling handling, meaning it was more a sim racer that felt like an arcade racer. It took some time practicing to perfect the game, which is how many like it. An arcade racer is always too easy to just jump in the car and win the race... quick fix racing but not really long term enjoyment or sense of achievement.

    GRID 2 for many ruined the series by going too much towards an arcade racer with limited car customisation in terms of car setup before a race. I still really enjoyed the game, but as a quick pick up and play racer when I don't have much time.

    GRID Autosport is a return back towards the root of the original GRID, with more hands on control, more realistic handling, a lot more cars, tracks and events. Great fun and definitely worth it for those wanting a bit more sim than arcade, but still not quite as die hard sim as SimBin games.

    If you like a more arcade style racer have you tried DiRT Showdown? Great fun, especially the sandbox stunt and trick levels where you get dropped into a playground area with jumps and other things to explore and enjoy. Trying to perfect doughnuts around stanchions is very hard though.
  4. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    I have to try again on Grid and see how I goes.

    GRID Autosport? I played that in the Arcade in Blackpool and really Hard game!

    Dirt Showdown is so much fun as remind of destruction derby and I need played them more!
  5. DojoDan's Avatar
    Im sure you meant to include Half-Life in there somewhere!
  6. Bigal322012's Avatar
    what about starcraft?
  7. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    Half Life? I am not fan of Half life. Good game thought.

    Starcraft? That is good game but nowhere near good Commander and conquer Zero hour! I also played starcraft 2 too.

    I will be waiting for someone making General 2 mod(they already making it) for Commander and conquer Zero hour but I dont know when they will be out thought!
    Updated 2nd December 2014 at 18:24 by Amiga Forever