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TOP 10 PS 3 Games

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Welcome Back

I got far too many PS 3 Games at the moments and it going really Diffcult to narrrow down to my TOP 10 PS 3 Games that I played the most....

Here we go.

1) Uncharted 2 - What a great adventure game from start to finished and good story too. I enjoy it so much playing

2) Goldeneye Reload - What great James Bond Game that is.

3) Devil May Cry(the New one!) - Added more style of game and lots to do plus Big boss too! Ace!

4) Vanquish - 3D Turrican, Title screen music is amazing and so it the game itself! You must Play this Game to experience it!

5) The Last of US - great game with good story and watch out for Monsters as it would go right at your face before make you jump! LOL

6) Split Second Velocity - IF You like Burnout then this one would be right up your Street! It is really fast racer game. Even more fun with 2 players or even better 8 players online!

7) Motorstorm - Good game and battle it out to be 1ST.

8 ) God of War 3 - It took to next level of gaming as I thought PS 2 was good but this is even more Detail and more Enemys on screen at once! Enjoyable button basher game

9) GTA 4 - I Enjoy it so much than GTA 5 Thought. So much things to do.

10) Heavy Rain - Trying to make somethings different than any other game out there. It was good to experience it to played different type of game.

Now TOP 10 isnt complete because PS 3 isnt finsihed yet because there is more games coming out in coming months until when is going to stop support it would be about say 2017 or 2018 then everyone would know what my TOP 10 PS 3 Games would be!

What Games I have played

Mortal Kombat
Dante Inferno - Underrate game!
F1 2010,2011,2012,2013
Uncharted 2
Max Payne 3
Tom Splinter cell Blacklist
Time Crisis
The King of Fighters XII and XII Deluxe Edition
Tekken Hybrid
Sniper Elite V2
Killzone 2 and 3
Just cause 2
Rainbow 6 Vegas
Battlefield 4
Call of Duty 4 and the rest!
Resident Evil 5(awful!) and 6(again awful due darkness as you couldnt seen a things!)
Crysis 2
Sleeping dogs
Heavenly Sword
Yakuza 3 and 4
Mass Effect 2 and 3

What Games I should have played

GT 6( I havnt got chance to buy it thought but I will be getting it! LOL)
Alien isolation (It is very possible that will be in my top 10 but when Xmas is over and I will getting it for sure!)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance(Havnt got chance to played this game)

I cant think of any games that I should have played and maybe you know

I was suppose played Far cry 3 but I am not fans of Uplay where you have create account then join them then played the game....I think it is too much hassle dont you think!

The Next Blogs will be about Playstation Vita Stay Tune

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