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Remembering the Commodore Amiga

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Commodore made huge marketing and development errors that led them to bankruptcy.
Maybe today, if Jack Tramiel had not left the company, things could be different.
These were my thoughts about it:

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  1. ColourWheel64's Avatar
    Great video. Before the release of AGA machines, I remember wanting a CDTV so badly. I still hadn't got one when the A1200/A4000 came out and so with a heavy heart I plumped for the A1200 instead. If there had been an AGA Amiga styled similar to the CDTV then I would have definitely chosen it over the A1200. I didn't understand the release of the CD32. I just presumed that Commodore had lost sight of what Amiga had helped them become thanks to - I think - greed, and I use the word greed carefully, because it is greed that distracts an indivdual from themselves and makes them want what other companies want. I agree totally that it was suicide for Commodore to want what they had already, plus what Nintendo and Sega had, and futher more they also wanted what the multitude of companies that make up the component parts of a PC on top. I truly believe that if Commodore had concentrated on releasing a machine a year, alternating between a big box machine for the CGI lot one year and a machine for the home user the next, the Amiga would still be around today. I don't know how they would have competed against Windows, and I say that mainly because I find Windows clunky to use in comparison to Workbench. Again, great video and thank you for sparking the inspiration for this comment.
    Updated 3rd December 2014 at 17:44 by ColourWheel64
  2. muRte's Avatar
    I thank you!