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Taming Ikaruga: Chapter 1-2

Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.
Right, had to post this up because I'm actually really pleased with this stage. I know they're only mini stages all of like 30 seconds, but I've never played shoot em ups really so it's quite a learning curve. I'm also a creature of habbit, so it's going to have to complete memorisation of when to switch and what to shoot when. I'm starting to feel a bit more comfortable which gives me a feeling of having more time to get into position before enemies start to fire, which is kinda of invaluable really. Really please with this stage. It's a good high score of 286400 which I think is higher than the in-game demo. I'll have to start adding the ingame demo scores here and get a bit of organistation! Coming from the MD I really thought d-pads were the only way to fly, but the stick control is spot on, it's extremely sensitive with almost no dead spot thank god.

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  1. 2D-TRON's Avatar
    Awesome bit of shumping!
    is that the GC version?

    I can no miss the first two stages but that's as much as my brain can cope with as far as memorising goes! Haha.

    Look forward to see how you progress. There are some great YouTube 1cc vids to help get patterns down.

    also is that run on medium?
  2. DojoDan's Avatar
    Hey there. Yeah it is the NTSC GC version. I think it's on medium? I'm not sure as it goes! I recently started a new job so I've had sod all time to practice any more. The next stages are brutal, not so much for survival but just getting the scoring right. I'll have to have a look on YT, maybe I can pick some tips up from there. Sorry for the late reply!
  3. Amiga Forever's Avatar
    Good Game but hard as nail thought !