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    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 3)

    Well, were it not for amazon delivering the wrong dvd drive I would be close to finished with this now, but that will have to wait for next weekend.....

    Anyway, I had the issue with the drive not...

    CrazyC 18th October 2020 22:51

    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 2)

    Now lets turn to the keyboard.

    This was really easy - open it up, screw in the keyrah, plug in the keybaord conenctor and slot in the keyboard, add a few screws and voila.
    Now yes, i did manage...

    CrazyC 15th October 2020 22:55

    Checkmate 1500 Build (Part 1)

    Well today my Checkmate case arrived! Despite my initial intention to leave it well alone until the weekend as I have lots of work to do, I couldn't resist opening it up and having a go tonight!...

    CrazyC 15th October 2020 22:42
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    I have for sale CyberVisionPPC graphics card revision 1.1. Included is manual, two floppy disks, original box. Missing original cable with vga (I'm still

    Assahi Today, 12:02 Go to last post

    Amiga 3000/4000 Apollo A4060 accelerator with memory


    Thank you for your interest.

    This accelerator card, according to technical documentation, requires 3.1 ROMs.

    keltxo Today, 11:55 Go to last post

    TF536: 030+64 MB+IDE internal expansion for the A500

    PM for a TF536 with his A500 relocator

    slugman Today, 11:36 Go to last post

    Stock A500

    I recently sent an A1200 to the US and it was 50 for shipping with US, think this would be the same.

    lewism Today, 11:35 Go to last post

    AmigaOS 3.5 and AmigaOS 3.9

    AmigaOS 3.5 complete in box
    Price: 30

    AmigaOS 3.9 CD
    Price: 35

    Price for both: 60

    Shipping to EU

    drbrain Today, 11:25 Go to last post