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Thread: Motherboard repair and busboard recapping

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    Default Motherboard repair and busboard recapping

    Hi there,

    My favourite A1200 motherboard has just died (or almost) and I need someone to repair it for me. I also have another A1200 motherboard that is working but was repaired by me, and I'm not very good, so I am hoping that someone can do a cleaner job (a trace was burnt, so it needs to be retraced, not just jumpered like i did) and a solder pad had lifted, so it need a new solder pad (not just another jumpercable , like I did). Both of these was recently recapped by me (probably not very prettily done, but at least the caps were expensive) :P

    The busboard is a Zorro IV from elbox. It is working fine but I just think it's time, and with a baby to take care of I can't find the time to do it myself.

    I am hoping I can find someone in Norway or Sweden to do it but I don't know how likely that is. There is a guy doing great work here in norway under the name of retroservice but noen of my attemts at getting in touch with him has been fruitful.

    If anyone can do a good clean job of it, or know of someone who can, please do get in touch with me.
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