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Thread: PSIO switchboard install and cart setup

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    Default PSIO switchboard install and cart setup

    Hi, been a while since I've posted anything in the photo booth area.

    So a friend of mine ordered two of these PSIO cartridges in June 2017 with the estimated delivery being November 2017, fast forward to last week and they finally arrive (something about waiting for orders to order parts in batches etc).

    So I picked them up from my friend this morning for the switchboard installation and set up for him. The other one is mine in exchange for installing his and modding a couple of other consoles with switchless 50/60hz mods etc.

    For those that don't know about these things you have to cut some traces on the board and wire in a small switchboard. This routes some of the cd controllers signals to the parallel port on the back. Without the switchboard the PSIO won't work and if you plug it in it will contest the bus and can damage the PS1 and cart (or so the website says, I haven't tried it). The cd drive can still be used, you can either remove the cart and put a disc in and it will load as normal or you can boot the PSIO cart with a disc in and press O on the menu to reset and load the cd.

    So traces cut and switchboard installed (modchip was already installed) it was time to plug in and test the cart.

    After initial setup I popped a copy of crash bandicoot on the SD card (iso/bin+cue/img files supported) and proceeded to load the game. It loaded fine, load times seem much quicker, fmv's play without skipping. All in all a nice little flash cart device for the older PS1 consoles.

    Time now to install my switchboard in my 1002 audiophile console

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    I got one last year before that fancy packaging was used, really like it
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    Yeah, I’ve had one for about a year in my 1002 console. I think it’s brilliant and it’s been good to see the firmware improve stuff over time.
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    I think I had one from the second batch in early ish 2016. It was when their payment provider decided it was a scam and refunded everyone so we all had to pay again. Think it took about 4-5 months to arrive after that. I'd forgotten about it and wondered what the hell it was when it finally arrived...

    Still haven't got round to installing it... Just waiting now for the Jaguar SD cart, the Darksoft AES cart and the Satiator.

    Really need someone to do a drive replacement for the Mega CD now.
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