Checkout my Amiga recapping services, I'm based in the UK I can offer:

  • Complete Amiga family recapping service (500,600,1200,CD32,2000,3000,4000, 4000T).
  • Game Gear recaps. (full inc power board)
  • Offer both good brand (Panasonic) electrolytic capacitors or Polymer if you prefer (these will never leak).
  • IC replacement to PLCC socketed versions.
  • CD32 Laser replacement or adjustment service.
  • Amiga 4000 RTC circuit replacement.
  • Vampire card flashing and capacitor mod.
  • Amiga repairs are offered at times depending on how busy I am with the above work but repairs take time to complete so please be aware ask for the current turn around is.
  • Refurbished Amiga 500,600,1200,CD32's (when available).
  • Worldwide shipping available.

By all means checkout my work at (and see why you need to recap before you have issues), by all means follow me on Facebook 'Amigapassion' and or Instagram for daily Amiga goodness.

I have excellent feedback and is well know in Amiga groups.

Any questions drop me a message via Amibay!