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Thread: Service from Bryce ;-)

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    Default Service from Bryce ;-)

    This Time i have a big job for Bryce...…

    I hope you can do that.

    As seen in other Threads i bought and traded some nice Stuff (PPC , RapidRoad , Indi 1, and so on)...hope stachu get the best out of this PPC

    Bought also a very good looking Micronic Tower with Keyboard (like new) on other Bay...
    Thinking about a Bvision also.

    Asked Bryce to make a perfect System out of that stuff , (thats a present for my guys at home)

    See what we can do out of this nice Parts , first i wanted to fit it in a Desktop with Autographs from Petro and Dave …
    But found this nice Tower and hope to get a perfect A1200 with this Parts....

    Have fun Bryce

    Edit: Thanks to all that Traders from Amibay to get all this Stuff….. biggest Thanks to stachu100 for making a great PPC and Sveta for that rare old Stuff…..

    Damn cant wait to see this System running….got another Aneroussis Tomahawk
    PM sent to Bryce
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