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Thread: Dell OptiPlex Gs (USA)

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    Cool Dell OptiPlex Gs (USA)

    1X Dell OptiPlex Gs Pentium 200 Desktop

    Pentium 200 CPU (not MMX)
    3.5” DS/HD FDD

    Generic PS/2 mouse
    Gateway PS/2 keyboard
    Power cable

    Buy two computers: get one 50% off + shipping.
    Buy one or two: get an Intel Pentium 133 desktop for $25 + shipping.

    CONUS: $65 + FedEx. AB sale: $5 AB donation.
    All sales are final. As is. For repair. For parts. No returns. No warranty. No refunds. No technical support. Buyer beware. Caveat emptor. Also listed elsewhere.

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    Sold elsewhere. Please close & archive. Thanks.

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