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Thread: Epson GT-5500 flatbed scanner + Scanquix 3.0 s/ware (AGAIN!)

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    Default Epson GT-5500 flatbed scanner + Scanquix 3.0 s/ware (AGAIN!)

    It's been nearly 3 months since I sold this item to Tumbleweed and unfortunately, he still hasn't supplied me with a postal addy?? My missing persons post came to a short end, so I am reselling this bundle.


    Epson GT-5500 (SCSI) flatbed scanner with ScanQuix version 3 software. This scanner is in as new condition and 100% working.

    Scanquix comes with system disk & user manual and I'll also chuck in the Centronics SCSI cable that I used with the scanner. This scanner also works very well via a PPC based fast SCSI-2 port or on a PeeCee with suitable SCSI card.

    10 + shipping via DHL (Parcel2Go)


    Tumble actually paid me for this item, so if any other interested party contacts me - I will refund his payment and send the item to the new buyer.

    edit: Tumbleweed's last activity on here was 8th Oct, so he's obviously still around.

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    The moderators will try to get in contact with Tumbleweed.

    If he's already paid for it it seems very wise to try to get the thing he's bought to him - and if he's paid, I guess you could say it's not yours to sell any more

    We'll try to get hold of Tumbleweed.
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