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Thread: Any 600 NTSC boards out there?

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    Default Any 600 NTSC boards out there?

    hi, i'm interested in one or two ntsc 600 boards... preferably recapped, but its not a requirement.

    i can either pay, or if you prefer, i have a pal board or two that i can swap.

    if its a swap, i'll pay both our shipping costs

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    They exist (there's an NTSC A600 on ebay right now) but they're probably ultra rare.
    You might have better luck hunting down a 318069-11 (or 390544-02) NTSC 2 MB 8375 Agnus (either standalone or from e.g. an NTSC megachip) and a 28.63636 MHz oscillator (e.g. from ebay or some dead north america rev5 A500 board) and retrofitting them in one of your existing PAL boards.
    (For a complete conversion the modulator section would have to be altered as well, though.)

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    thanks... retrofitting one of my pal boards is totally above my skillset :/

    i figured ntsc boards are harder to find, hopefully someone around here will have a spare i'm patient

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