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Thread: MCA Video Card for PS/2: XGA-2, SVGA/A (GD542x), etc.

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    Default MCA Video Card for PS/2: XGA-2, SVGA/A (GD542x), etc.

    I need to upgrade the onboard 256K VGA that is built into my IBM PS/2 Model 56SLC. If anyone happens to have an extra MCA XGA-1/2, SVGA/A (the one with Cirrus Logic chipset) or similar board on hand they won't mind parting with, I'd be very grateful.

    Alternatively I wouldn't mind a dump of the 37F9567 BIOS ROM chip present on the 75X5887 XGA-1 board. I have this card, but the EPROM chip randomly died... I do have spare 27256's on hand plus an EPROM burner, I just need a full dump of the chip.


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