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Thread: Personal Paint (PPaint) 7.3c Released

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    Default Personal Paint (PPaint) 7.3c Released

    A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to announce a new version of PPaint 7.3c for Classic OS3 and OS4.

    New users: you can purchase Personal Paint download from the official website or AMIStore App Store. The boxed edition can be purchased directly from Amiga Kit Amiga Store.

    Existing users: The update is free download for registered users of version 7.3 from Updater tool or website.

    Changes for this new version against 7.3b:

    Feature additions:

    * Add polygon mode to grab brush tool.

    * Update Itialian translation (contributed Luca Longone)

    Bug fixes:

    * Fix long filename support.

    * Fix buffer overflows in brush scaling.

    * Fix buffer overflows in brush shearing.

    * Extend internal brush structure to include shear status values so that when shearing brush twice in a row is starts from the current sheared state and not the original brush state.

    * Fix incorrect calculation of visible files in builtin requester resulting in
    an occasional corrupt looking filename at end of file list.
    (personal_req.library 1.11)

    * Fix (work around) extra spacing in thin gadget mode that left areas of uncleared disabled hatching when certain gadgets were enabled (button and tickbox). personal_req.library 1.12

    * Fix single pixel brush "sticking" in MATTE mode after using a custom brush.

    * Fix positioning of flood / fill pointer hot spot.

    We would like to thank Amiga Developer team member, Andy Broad for his hard work on this update.

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