I'd want to experiment an alter-history thing:

December 1995, faced with my upcoming entrance to college to study IT development, I had to choose between beefing up my Amiga 1200 or getting to the dark side and buy a PC.
I did the later.

30+ years later, I'm toying with the idea of building the Amiga that I would have got, should I had chosen that path.
I have everything needed on the hardware side: Amiga 1200, 68030 CPU card, 4 or 8 MB ram, 512MB (equivalent) hard drive, multi-synchro monitor, cd-rom drive.

On the software side, I need to find HiSoft pascal V1.2, because it was available at that time, and was roughly equivalent to the Borland Turbo Pascal 7 I used in college on PC.
Equivalent C and Cobol compilers would be nice too.