Hello everybody,
I'm looking to sell some of my graphics card I no longer use or that are duplicates of mine.

1. Ati Rage 128 All-in-Wonder - 15 euro (ok)
2. S3 Virge/DX pci - 7 euro (ok, missing io shield)
3. 3Dfx Voodoo 3000 - 50 euro (ok)
4. Trident 9750 - 20 euro (ok)
5. Asus GeForce2 Pro - 20 euro (ok, missing fan only)

Every card has been tested and is in good working condition. Testing has been done on a Amd Duron 700 system, with Universal AGP slot and 192mb of Ram.
These cards are located in Italy, Shipping in Europe is about 10-15 euros, depending with/without tracking.
Payment accepted: PayPal (as a gift).

Here are some photos I took:


[please remove the "( )" from the link above]

PS. Some other cards might be added soon, but i need to test them better.
For more info send me a pm.