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Thread: RetroRadionics OMNI 128HQ Laptop

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    Default RetroRadionics OMNI 128HQ Laptop

    Update: Now sold elsewhere

    RetroRadionics OMNI 128HQ Laptop

    I have only used this a few times, works fine (with a few caveats see below). I have installed two rechargeable batteries so it can be used without power, the supplied power supply can also charge the batteries.

    The only two small issues with this is that (1) the face plate is ever so slightly loose on the top right hand edge but this is normal for these, everyone who has bought one of these is having this issue, i'm sure it is easily fixed with a bit of hot glue though. Also (2) When you first turn it on sometimes the display s a little odd, you have to turn off the screen and back on again, this is an issue with the screen not the computer. Works fine when connected to a TV or monitor.

    This is currently only available from China and delivery times are very slow so grab this from me and get it in a few days (assuming you are in the UK).

    Unique retro computer laptop set based on New Harlequin board from Super Fo with:

    • 128K ram
    • integrated divMMC double SD card interface -SD card formated by FAT 32 cluster size 4096.
    • two joystick 9 pin ports - rear joystick sinclair 56780, front joystick kempston
    • RGB out
    • Composite out
    • HDMI option - not active at the moment. RGB to HDMI adapter can be used.
    • Power button
    • Reset switch button
    • Rechargable battery included - 2X 18650 3400mAh 3,7v

    Asking 130, buyer pays PP fees, pay via PayPal only please.

    Pictures here:

    Also for sale elsewhere
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