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Thread: The 8BitDo controller conversion kit and my Megadrive controllers

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    Default The 8BitDo controller conversion kit and my Megadrive controllers

    Some time ago, I purchased a conversion kit for my Sega Megadrive controller from 8BitDo. They state that itís compatible only with the SJ-6000 six-button controller. I thought the controllers I have would be of that type as they are Sega branded and have six buttons. It turned out that they were not, as they were too small for the replacement circuit board.

    When I was in the process of purchasing the kit I tried to do my homework on a page that listed the controller variations of the Megadrive/Genesis with pictures. Since I didnít see a mention of a smaller version of the SJ-6000 with a ridiculously short cable I assumed I had the correct version. Well, as it turns out, itís not.

    I guess my options are either to find a genuine SJ-6000 or pass the kit on to someone. Havenít really decided on which one.

    Iím curious, though, about my current controllers. Are these genuine Sega at all, or are they simply some budget budget model? It is maybe 10% smaller from what I suspect a SJ-6000 to be, the cord is maybe 50 cm and the buttons look and feel flimsy.
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