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Thread: Iomega ZIP 100 USB drive - translucent blue/turquoise

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    Default Iomega ZIP 100 USB drive - translucent blue/turquoise

    As above - tested good - recognised straightaway by Windows 7 and MacOS 10.7. I think this actually conforms to generic USB removable mass storage specs.

    Was designed (AFAIK) to be a colour match to the original 1999 (or thereabouts) G3 iMac.

    Included :-

    The drive
    5V PSU *
    3 used ZIP 100 disks (all working OK and formatted FAT)
    A USB type A to type B cable if reqd. (Its just a bog-standard USB "printer cable") can be included on request, but makes no sense to ship the extra weight really as most folk will have these in their bits boxes.

    * The DC barrel connector on the PSU has been replaced by me. It fits and works fine, but cannot be as strong/robust as the original moulded connector, so needs a little extra care when unplugging. Also the PSU needs a standard 2-pin "figure-of-eight" mains cable - which I could supply, but as above, might increase the shipping weight uneccesarily.

    Pics available on request.

    25 PP FF + shipping (or PP goods + 4%)

    Now also listed elsewhere ...

    <update> the item has now received a bid in The Other Place, so I should "suspend" this listng .... and will get it flagged as sold when the sale goes through.

    <update> Now sold outside Amibay. Mods please flag it as such ....
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