For sale this 3dfx Voodoo 1 from Innovision model: 3DX5000TV (not to be mistaken for voodoo 5500 ).
It is in excellent looking condition, however it doesn't work. It presents ARTIFACTS in the form of Red and Green dots (NFS2).
The card has NO visible damages in the form of missing components or broken traces in the Pcb.
This one is particular for having both output connectors really close to each other, and it is really picky with cables, not having beefy Vga connector.
Unfortunately, I cannot find my old passthrough cable for further testing. Sold AS IS.
I think there might be a chanse that can be fixed or some collector might want it. Here are some high-res photos.

Asking price is 10 euro + shipping to Europe (7 euro normal / 9 euro faster / 15 euro fastest with tracking info)
Payment accepted: PayPal (friends&family).