If you have your old Commodore 16 or plus4 that doesn't work
you will know that the CPU is the first reason for failure on these machines,
pity that the CPU was produced directly by Commodore and therefore nowhere to be found except at prohibitive prices.

Various solutions have been devised to replace the functions of this CPU,
with different costs and features.

The project I propose represents an excellent compromise point between compatibility and cost,
thanks to the use of a CPLD and a NEW C-MOS CPU the absorption of the 85MC01 becomes about one third of the original
stressing less the power supply and lowering the internal temperature of the machine due to less thermal dissipation,
also for the benefit of the other old chips.

The most modern C-MOS versions have removed anomalous CPU behaviors (illegal opcodes)
that unfortunately some programmers have exploited in their software species of recent production,
this means that the programs of the time should run almost all, those of more recent production could sometimes be incompatible.
The stress tests of the 85MC01 were carried out with various games / cartridges / auto-loaders / tapes / disks / jiffydos, etc ... and it never crashed, but I honestly carry this compatibility limit.

For greater peace of mind 85MC01 can be bought, tried, and if it does not satisfy it can be returned
(within 2 weeks) with refund (not shipments).

More details:

The cost:
29+untracked shipping cost: PPal "FOR FRIENDS" (I can't be responsible for untracked shipping)
29+tracked shipping cost + PPal fees: PPal "COMMERCIAL"

Some pieces available, on sell elsewhere too.