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Thread: Qnap TS-859 Pro NAS with 16TB of Disks

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    Default Qnap TS-859 Pro NAS with 16TB of Disks

    Hi all,

    As usual, I like to offer things here before listing them elsewhere, and although a little unusual for here, I'm still going to lol.

    I've a Qnap TS-859 Pro NAS with 16TB of Disks, that is 8 x 2TB 3.5" 7,200rpm drives - which in RAID 5 would provide 14TB of storage with the ability to continue functioning with any one failed drive, or 12TB storage in RAID 6 with any two drives failed (I'd advise this option for best protection). The RAM has been upgraded from the standard 1GB to 2GB.

    4 of the drives are relatively new (a year or so old) and are WD Red's (I bought these to fill the bays as I'd migrated from a 4 bay NAS), and the other four are HGST Ultrastar's which are at least 6 years old, bought as refurbs, and one has a listed bad sector but has been like that for that entire duration without issue.

    The device empty, is just under 8kg and with the disks in is just under 14kg - these are the weights packaged.

    I'm asking 450 plus postage and fees as appropriate, any questions please ask! I would also accept a Petsoff Delfina 1200 as part payment, should anyone have one and be interested.

    Edit: I'll send this off to eBay this evening (09/10/19) at 8pm GMT if nobody here is interested - it can be closed off if that is the case



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