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Thread: KTRL CD32+ Gamepad (an advanced controller for the Amiga CD32 and other computers)

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    Default KTRL CD32+ Gamepad (an advanced controller for the Amiga CD32 and other computers)

    Here I'm selling kits so you can build your own KTRL CD32+ gamepad. KTRL CD32+ is a replacement controller for the Amiga CD32 with some really nice features. This new (plus) version has a few upgrades over the previous version (read below). You have a few options to choose from, occasionally I might even have a few assembled controllers for sale. Currently I'm only selling the black version.

    1. Full Kit: 31€
    This includes all parts you need to build a working KTRL CD32+ controller. It also comes with the box, printed instructions and optional stickers for the button symbols and dpad.

    2. Full Kit with soldered SMD components: 39€
    Same as the above but with all surface mount components already soldered (including the processor), so you will only need to solder some through hole parts and the cable.

    3. Upgrade Kit (from KTRL CD32): 19€
    This included the PCB, processor and components for the KTRL CD32+ to upgrade from the KTRL CD32. You will need to re-use the gamepad shell, cable, shoulder buttons and LED from the KTRL CD32. The optional stickers are also included. Shipping costs for this option is cheaper.

    4. Assembled KTRL CD32+: 47€
    Fully assembled and tested gamepad. It also comes with the box, printed instructions and optional stickers for the button symbols and dpad. I build these on demand, I normally have them ready for shipping a few days after payment.

    Optional: You can get the two button adapter for the C64/128 in this thread.

    Shipping and payment
    Airmail shipping (no tracking) to Europe is 5.55€ for one kit, 9.25€ for two gamepads.
    Airmail shipping (no tracking) to rest of the world is 12.95€ for one kit and 22.20€ for two gamepads.
    I don't offer tracking, it's a hassle, very expensive and not available to all destinations.

    Note: Payment via PayPal as family/friend or add 4% to the total cost.

    Note: I'm not shipping to USA due experiencing several lost packages!

    How to Assemble
    Thorough building instructions can be found here. You will need to be able to solder SMD components (Atmega IC + 0805 sized components). The Atmega328 comes pre-programmed in all my kits.


    • Fully compatible with the original Amiga CD32 gamepad.
    • Buttons are mappable (including up/down on the DPAD), so you can for example remap UP to GREEN for easier jumping in non-CD32 games.
    • Turbo-fire with adjustable fire speed for all buttons (excluding play/pause button) .
    • Four presets can bes stored and loaded. The presets stores mapping, turbo-fire status and speed.
    • Responsive buttons and DPAD thanks to gold plated circuit board.

    Updates to the KTRL CD32+
    • Amiga/gamepad output to output conflict fixed. Due to the implementation of the original CD32 gamepad (and my previous KTRL CD32 gamepad), pin 6 (fire1) will have a output to output conflict every time the buttons are read by the Amiga. The Amiga sets this pin as an output and pulls it LOW while the gamepad will output a HIGH signal. This conflict is very short (a few microseconds), but causes ringing or erroneus signals and can result in unreliable gamepad functionality. The KTRL CD32+ will not cause this conflict and might be more reliable on some problematic Amigas (mainly A1200 machines).
    • Fully compatible with the Commodore 64. The original CD32 gamepad (and my previous KTRL CD32 gamepad) has pull-up resistors on some pins which will result in some keys not working on the C64 while the gamepad is plugged in. These pull-up resistors are required for reliable CD32 gamepad functionality. On the KTRL CD32+, you can easily disable these pull-up resistors (alternative two-button mode), resulting in full C64 compatibility. With an optional two-button adapter, you will even get two button functionality in some C64 games.
    • Can store default settings. The KTRL CD32+ has a default preset, as well as the four other presets, that will be loaded at start-up if it has been stored.
    • Uses less components and has better positioning of LED pins and right shoulder button pins -> faster assembly time for you.
    • Printed instructions with cheat sheet. Optional laminated stickers for the button symbols and DPAD.


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