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Thread: A3640+A3660 PCB and Parts DiY

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    Default A3640+A3660 PCB and Parts DiY

    3xPCB`s ( 1x A3640 REV.3.3 , 2 x A3660 REV.1.0 )
    more than 90% Parts for A3660
    See List and Pic`s
    Last Picture shows Spare Parts
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A3660+A3640 PCB.jpg   A3660+A3640 Parts+.jpg   A3660+A3640 Parts.jpg   A3660+A3640 Parts List F.jpg   A3660+A3640 Parts List B.jpg  

    A3660+A3640 Spare parts.jpg  
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