Hey all.
Long time lurker, first time poster.

The attic holds many wonders, and in a special corner lay the boxes of my youth, with my beloved A500 from way back when it was first released, and purchased from the now defunct Silica Systems off of Tottenham Court Road.

I've used a fair few emulators with my PC, but my collection of discs (a thousand and something) sit gathering dust, and I'd like to create some ADF's from select hard to get titles and a few things I coded myself back in the day.

To do this, I bought Armiga, but am in desperate need of the ArmigaOS to put onto a memory card.
I've drawn a blank from the official website, and am hoping I've not been the only person to have this problem.

Could anybody possibly point me in the right direction please?
It would be gratefully appreciated.