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    Default NeXT NeXTstation Color

    Steve Jobs OMG!

    Up for sale is a NeXTstation Color computer.

    • NeXTstation Color motherboard in a NeXTstation Mono case. The motherboard has a new battery, 16MB of RAM installed, and a SCSI2SD with a fresh copy of NeXTSTEP 3.3 installed and ready to go! The NeXTstation works fantastic and the case is in great shape. There are a few scratches, and some rubbed off paint on the back, but overall it's in very nice, clean cosmetic shape.
    • NeXT non-ADB keyboard and mouse. Both are working 100%. Every key has been tested. Non-functioning key switches have been replaced. Both stripped and cleaned thoroughly. Rubber rings are in great shape.
    • NeXT ADB sound box board that has been modified to work with the non-ADB keyboard and mouse. The board has been fitted into a 3D printed box and works great!
    • Video cable that allows the NeXTstation to connect to the sound box (for keyboard and mouse) and then to a VGA monitor. PLEASE BE AWARE that the NeXTstation color requires a monitor that syncs on green like the NEC EA190M shown in the pictures (MONITOR IS NOT INCLUDED).

    Asking USD $460 + shipping (and any payment fees). Prefer a US buyer, but will ship internationally if you want to pay the pricey shipping costs.


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