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Thread: SCSI - a2091 vs TekMagic 060 SCSI or Just Buddha IDE and CF Card

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    Default SCSI - a2091 vs TekMagic 060 SCSI or Just Buddha IDE and CF Card

    So as the title suggests I am looking for some advice on what disk controller to use in my A2K.

    At the moment there is a Buddha Anniversary Edition plugged into the Zorro slot and this is running my Sony DVD Drive and 8GB Compact Flash Card.

    I also have an A2091 Card with 2mb Ram with the latest ROMs and no drive plugged in yet.

    And to round off this bad boy I have a TekMagic accelerator plugged into the cpu slot and 16mb ram.

    The question is then should I leave the set up as is or should I buy a SCSI2SD adapter and stick this in the TekMagic SCSI port? Or should I put it on the a2091?

    Would the SCSI on the TekMagic be faster than through the Zorro 2 bus of the a2091 or would it not make any difference? Although isnít there an issue with the TekMagic and the file systems it can support?

    Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    SCSI on TekMagic 2060 is best choice and ultra fast Only right settings (TekMagic is very picky in some cases), terminating and GO.

    Too fixed TekMagic eproms (FFS support) is recommended.

    A2091 (too great card) is only Zorro II card and has some restriction but easy on setup and very friendly. (minimal upgrade ROM 7.0 and latest WD SCSI IC 08 )

    Regards, Sveta
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