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Thread: Commodore 64 (C64 MK2 Reloaded and new C64C case)

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    Default Commodore 64 (C64 MK2 Reloaded and new C64C case)

    For sale is a nearly new Commodore 64. This has the C64 MK2 Reloaded board. Also has the new C64C case from Pixel Wizard. This case is the color of the original 'breadbin' style cases, but is actually a C64C case. This is a brand new case and will not change color over time like the originals. The C64 MK2 is completely populated with all chips required to function (CPU, SID, 2X CIAs, ect). It is in excellent physical and functional condition. Case includes retro-looking box which is also included. Also includes brand new 5V power supply (much more reliable than original). This is an NTSC unit (North America). It could easily be converted to PAL with that type of VIC II Chip (Video chip). Keyboard is in excellent condition with all keys working as expected. Game shown in picture is not included. Simply shown to demonstration function.

    Asking $400 for this computer.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails c64-10.jpg   c64-9.jpg   c64-8.jpg   c64-7.jpg   c64-6.jpg  

    c64-5.jpg   c64-4.jpg   c64-3.jpg   c64-2.jpg   c64-11.jpg  

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