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Thread: Original eject button for A600/A1200 floppy drive

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    Default Original eject button for A600/A1200 floppy drive

    I ordered what I expected to be a refurbished original floppy drive from AmigaKit (based on their picture of an original drive and use of the term "refurbished") but received a modified PC drive with 3D printed eject button instead. Now, the modified drive bit I don't mind - it works, but it's the fact that the button they included is actually for an A500 and melted (very poorly) to "fit" an A600 that really annoys me. It's done so haphazardly that not only is it crooked and wobbly (heck: it looks like used chewing gum) but it actually catches on the chassis and prevents disks from being inserted properly:

    Now, I know I can file it down, and I know this doesn't matter to some people, but I've gone to a lot of effort to clean and repair my 600 and maintain its originality (read: refurbish it), and this sort of aesthetic "hackiness" won't do.

    Does anyone have an original button from an A600 or A1200 (I believe they are the same. Not looking for a 3D printed one at this stage) that they could sell me? I'll do the engineering required to get it lined up with the eject mechanism, just want the correct button sticking out of the side of my case.

    Kind regards,

    Melbourne, Australia

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    Sending pm

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