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Thread: 23-pin to component cable

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    Default 23-pin to component cable

    Hiya, it's been ages since i've been on here.

    I'm looking at getting a RetroTink ( to plug an Xbox, Wii and Amiga into, but it comes either with composite/component in (composite required for XBox and Wii) OR a SCART model, which doesn't have composite input.

    So i'm looking for a cable from the back of the Amiga to Component. I've seen a device on ( that does processing, but if i have the Tink i don't need that - i just need a cable.

    I'm aware i could make a cable - but to do that i'd need:
    1. A cable i was willing to sacrifice.
    2. A degree of talent

    I've tried to make custom cables before, and honestly - i do such a crap job of it i'm not keen to do it again.

    Anyone know where i can get such a cable?

    Thanks, it's nice to be back actually

    EDIT - oh.. RGB and Component are different as i've just discovered... I guess there's no single box that does both. Maybe i'll have to get an OSSC (Amiga) and RetroTink (for the consoles) Doubles the cost... plus i'll need more HDMI cables and a switchbox. Bugger.
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