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Thread: Pentium 3 - 1400 Tualatin CPU

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    Default Pentium 3 - 1400 Tualatin CPU

    Found QDI A10T outside Amibay

    just need a Tualatin 1.4ghz if anyone has one.


    Looking for Atx socket 370 motherboard with piii tualatin
    needs agp and at least 1 isa slot to fit atx case with 7 expansion slots


    a way to fit a faster cpu in my jetway 7baxn slot 1
    jumpers say up to 5.0x and currently running a piii-500 but would a socket370 card allow a faster cpu?

    the build i have is near perfect apart from a few games that chug due to cpu bottleneck

    i have amd xp 2500+ on nforce2 mcp-T and ive tried aureal vortex 2. Turtle beach santa cruise cs chipset and sbpci 128. All three work in win9x but even though supported in other motherboards refuse to give dos sound blaster support poss incompatibility with nforce. I have a sblive comming fingers crossed

    so cut out the middleman get a fast cpu with isa slot

    ALL Found outside Amibay.
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