I'm new to amiga stuff and got an A1000 a year ago. I been upgrading it by adding a rom switcher, KS 1.3 and 3.1 + a 8mb ram upgrade. So far so good.

I recently purchassed a CDTV-RAM-IDE (M50 from eBay.... A quick search on google beafor buying returned a few user with an A1000 using it fine so i went ahead.

Now i received it and ofcourse it doesnt work... testing it in a A500 and it work fine.

The issue i get is the light grey screen, that suggest the rom is good but there is something wrong while booting it
So i wend ahead to debug and try to get it working. First thing i tryed was to buy a KS 3.1 to see if it was the 1.3 rom, but i still get the issue.
I tryed disabling the autoboot and the extra 8mb of ram, but still the same,
I tought mabe it was the relocator + rom switcher that was messing with it so i plugged it on the A500 to test, connecting the pin 12 of the rom with the CS wire of the rom switcher, i was able to run KS 1.3 and 3.1 fine
At this point in eliminated the relocator board, the ROM, and the M508 fromt he defective/incompatible possibility

I have a REV A NTSC board, mabe it's not compatible with that expantion? or i need to do a bit of cut and soldering in it? I hardly found information about the M508 and A1000 stuff, I know it may be sily to put effort in that model but the designe of it is apealing to me, more than the A500 one...

If i can i would like to get the IDE + KS 3.1 on it

any tips and help is apreciated! thx for your time!