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Thread: Amiga 500+ System with IDE, PSU, Video, and mouse.

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    Smile Amiga 500+ System with IDE, PSU, Video, and mouse.

    Title says it all.

    I'm looking for an amiga 500+ to get started with real Amiga hardware. All I really need to get started is a video out, a mouse and a power supply. Id like hdd support so I can save things. Memory upgrades would also be highly appreciated. But, considering the budget i'm looking for a mostly stock system. Id also like ethernet to get on my bbs. In terms of video out, a signal compatible with my vga crt would be nice, but composite or even rf would be fine for now. The mouse and psu don't have to be stock I just need one which works. Also later versions of kickstart are preffered, as well as replaced batteries to avoid leakage.

    Thank you for your time !
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