I've recently moved and when setting up my Amiga 1200 I found that the crystal oscillator for my Apollo 1240 accelerator had gotten knocked out of the socket, had bent pins and now the 1200 will not boot at all with it installed even with just a workbench disk. I tried it in another 1200 and still no joy. I then tried removing the board and the 1200 then boots fine. It had all been working before I moved. I suspect that the crystal oscillator got damaged somehow in the move.

The oscillator is a 3XO 12C 56 mhz oscillator. I can't seem to find a US source for it and the German company that has them listed for sale doesn't allow me to create an account from outside the EU as those are the only countries listed to be able to set up an account. I will continue to check anywhere in the US.

Any thoughts on where I can find one as they are cheap and it seems likely it got damaged based on how I found it when I opened it up? The battery is just starting to leak but it hasn't gotten to the board yet. I plan on removing that.