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Thread: Mystery hardware Pr0n project

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    Wow, this thread is perfect. Good job.
    The more ISA sound cards, the better.

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    Time to finish it...

    What if you glue the buttons you already made to a piece of rubber that is fastened inside the top shell? You could have letters and symbols printed as stickers and glue these on, maybe some clear coat to keep them nice over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elerion View Post
    I sent an RFP for printout of the V2 of the case in Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) technology.

    Different from what I originally planned, but much cheaper then SLS, Objet or stereolitography printout.

    V2 of the case have several improvements:
    - Keyboard was completely redesigned. Each key is now printed separately, to ensure 100% functionality.
    - I increased the size of the engraved letters on the keyboard. Previous ones were too tiny for 3D printing. With some luck these should be big enough to be visible.
    - DTV board was a tight fit, so I added a 0,25 mm for DTV board place.
    - I found that SD2IEC reset button would come quite handy (actually to quickly return to root directory of SD card) so I added another button to right side of the case.
    - Increased the slot for SD cards, so fat SD adapters can fit.
    - Returned to original idea of having separate led's for drive operation, so this model has 2 leds on the right side of the keyboard.

    We'll see what happens.

    Here is a pair of crude renderings of the model:

    Very nice work,I wish I had a 3D Printer now...

    I am moding mine at the moment but need some help..

    Here are some questions..

    1.) Can you show the bottom of the main board so I can see how you soldered the IEC connections please.

    2.) What power supply do you use I have a 5v 2.5A and the led comes on but don't power it,I have a 6v 800mA and it works fine,now if i power my keyboard with the 6v power supply will it blow it..?

    Here is mine still working on it..

    More vids soon
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    Hook up IEC:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	computer_c64_dtv1_14.jpg 
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    Why not put two diodes in series with the 6V in case you're worried about the keyboard, you'll get at least 1V voltage drop over these.

    More help:

    There hasn't been much action here for a while... good luck with yours.
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