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Thread: 270 UK Mac magazine cover discs

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    Default 270 UK Mac magazine cover discs

    Around 270 UK Mac magazine cover discs.

    Including discs from Macworld, MacFormat, The Mac, Creative, MacUser and MacAddict.
    Includes discs as old as 1995, up to 2005.
    I can't list each individual disc, I don't have the time.
    I also can't guarantee that they are all readable, but they've been kept in sleeves for years and most have never been used.

    There's a good selection of discs, lots of ones with games, office software, trials, full versions, etc. Most of the discs are from Macworld UK and MacFormat.

    Prices, in , $ and :
    + shipping

    Please PM if interested, thanks.

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    I know this ad is essentially prehistoric but... Interested!

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