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Thread: A2091 14Mhz SCSI mod

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    Unfortunately, there is nothing special about sync mod in Aztecmonster user guide.
    As far as I know, some people have the Aztecmonster running sync on other Amiga scsi boards... Should be OK.

    Just in case, I upgraded the A590 scsi chip with a -008.

    I put the switches like this on my A590 : 1,2,3 up and 4 down. Close means up in the A590 FAQ if I understood well.

    As in the GuruRom guide, I only put the device number. It's written "providing the address (TID) is sufficient"

    The scsi device ID (Aztecmonster) is set to 0 per jumper.

    I modified the the S-S : C:OmniScsiCtrl 0 SYNCHRONOUS

    Sysinfo gives the same result as in my previous post. No differences.

    Select timeout reg $2D
    synch Transfer reg $2C

    Are the registers as it should be ?

    Thank you

    I am using sysinfo for now just because I am connecting my A500+ test machine to a monitor through VGA adapter. Resolution used by RSCP is not good for this monitor......

    EDIT :

    I just connected the Amiga to a TV to give it a try with RSCP.

    Strangely, sysinfo does not show differences between SYNC and ASYNC.

    RSCP does, see pictures. First one in ASYNC and second with SYNC enable in s-s.
    Sync is eating all the CPU ressource....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any updates to this? I have performed the 14mhz mod, and noticed no issues so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tajmaster View Post
    I did this today on an A2091 card thats going in an A2000 I will be sellling, the results are AWESOME!
    I did this mod yesterday, what a pleasant surprise.....same result, 2.2mb / sec on a stock 68k system - very pleased

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