Hello everyone,

Sorry to necro this thread but looks like a lot of knowledgeable people here.

I have a 1084S-P, I did bring back it home, it worked for maybe 4 hours and then it died.

it's started to make an horrible noise and no image on the screen, me, as silly as I am, I went on and recapped it.

No joy.

Let me tell you what I found at the moment:

- The transformer makes a squeaky noise that stops suddenly (instead of dying slowly) and it's possibly going in overcurrent protection. If I disconnect the PSU board from the rest and I power it, it only generate the "normal" CRT noise.

- The capacitor I replaced are in the right direction and there are not shorts I can see.

- If I touch the glass and I touch a grounded piece of metal I get static discharge (the flyback is ok?)

- I don't remember (but could have been me) being able to have any sound out of the audio section.

The HOT didn's seemed to be shorted but I tried it out while was on the pcb.

Any idea? shall I just go for a flyback?