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Thread: A3640 @ 50Mhz!

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    Sorry I can't seem to figure how exactly to do a 'DMA FIX' mod. To which pin of U102 delay line should pin 2 of J100 (CLK90 DELAY) be connected? I have a Rev3.2 (upgraded) A3640 running at 25MHz.

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    could someone point me to the right direction? I have done this

    and it work ok on a stock A3000D motherboard; but seems that this card refuse to work on a 4000D mobo.
    Just because the owner of this A3640 is far away from me, and i can't do any test anymore, i wish to know what is exactly the MOD on the A4000D motherboard needed for CPU clk signal or something similar...obviously in conjuction with this MOD (four reprogrammed CPLD, without any cut, and with original OSC and no modification on the delayline output).
    The owner can do modification on the motherboard, thanks to a repair center, so just to know exactly what to do to complete the job.

    Thanks in advance

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