Right, I've got an interesting chunk of stuff here. All proceeds from everything sold will go towards the Computers 4 Africa project at Digital Pipeline (the UK charity I work for). We send refurbished IT kit to schools, libraries, healthcare and community projects in Africa.

Some of the prices here might seem a bit expensive: They're based on research I've done over the past couple of days, and I've tried to make it as current as possible. The thing is, while I'd love to see this stuff go to a proper set of enthusiasts for next to nothing my priority is to bring in funds for the charity, so I have to look at what's a good price from our end of things first. As far as I can tell these prices are fair, some on the high end of fair and some on the lower end. I'm open to offers on pretty much everything, though, so please bear that in mind as you read through.

I literally just realised I don't have the login details for my image hosting site any more. Need to get in touch with the admin, I'll get photos up here ASAP but in the meantime if you want pictures of anything just drop me a PM with your email address and I'll sent them to you post-haste.

First up we have an AT computer case, solid as anything (quite heavy actually) with a power supply included and a socket 7 motherboard inside. Motherboard is quite late for a socket 7, with 3x SDRAM slots, 1 AGP slot, 3 PCI slots and two ISA slots. Two IDE and one floppy drive connection on there too, and it looks like it will take AT or ATX power. The PSU says its max output is 200W, which should be more than enough for most AT stuff. Case also has a 24x CD-ROM in the front as well as a 3.5" floppy drive, though no cables are in it at the minute. Two spaces below the floppy drive for mounting HDDs. The only rear connector on the motherboard is for a DIN-port AT keyboard.

Since I don't know for sure how much this is worth I'm going to aim high and if you think I'm unreasonable you can make me a lower offer. Call it 50 plus shipping. Offers actively encouraged.

Second, we have another AT Socket 7 motherboard, little bit older this time. This one had two SDRAM slots, four EDO RAM slots, four PCI and three ISA slots. Intel chipset, AWARD BIOS, AT and ATX power supply options by the look of it, and again the only rear panel connector is the DIN port for a keyboard. According to my research I may get close to 30 for this including shipping to the UK, which obviously changes if it goes abroad (contact me and I'll let you know. Offers, again, are encouraged.

Interestingly enough, I also have four EDO RAM sticks. I could be wrong, as information on these is hard to come by and they're not well labeled, but I THINK these are 16Mb each. Call it 20 shipped for all four to the UK, offers encouraged. I might update this listing once I've had a check (I think I've got a 486 lying around somewhere I can use to check them).

OK, next are the expansion cards. First is an ISA modem & sound card of uncertain heritage. Only basic functions- two phone line ports, a "SPK" port and a "MIC" port, but it looks like it might be useful to somebody. 20 shipped, lower offers (probably) accepted.

Next on my list are a couple of Creative soundcards, both ISA. One is a relatively compact Sound Blaster AWE64 (model no. CT4520) with a joystick serial, line in, mic in, line out and speaker out 3.5mm stereo ports, as well as corresponding interior connections (and a CD Audio connector). My research on this one was very confusing, so as always I'm going to aim high and you can make a lower offer if you think I'm unreasonable. Maybe 10 plus shipping?

The other one is a full-length ISA, old-school SB16 (model no. CT2830) with pretty much the same in/out ports as the other card. Again an adjustment downward is not just encouraged, it's expected: 25 shipped to the UK.

Next up are a couple of graphics cards. With no onboard graphics on most AT motherboards, these are useful to have.

The first of these is a cheapo PCI graphics card, VGA output only. Only one I could find was selling for 200 roubles (basically naff-all) on a Russian site, so this will go for a nominal charitable donation plus shipping (literally, first one who wants it gets it- give me a quid or two for the charity and cover the shipping and we'll be square) or I might give it to whoever buys the case and board listed above as a freebie. This is only even on here because I've only got one ISA graphics card and I'm selling two AT motherboards with no graphics onboard.

The second is a little more interesting. It's an ISA card by Oak Technology Inc, it's got a VGA and what looks like an inverted serial port on the back (some of my research indicates this may be a second video out, on a 9-pin digital format of some description? Not sure I believe that, but you certainly couldn't plug a mouse into it, it's got the wrong end on it). Again, this price may well be high, but from my perspective it seems better to aim high and get argued down- 50 shipped.

And finally, a hard drive. 40Mb, reliable as anything, according to one website I saw "the best of the IDE stepper generation," a Seagate ST-157A-1. 60 shipped to the UK. I know that seems like a lot, but stepper drives are as reliable as a freaking reliable thing and are (apparently) worth it even though they have tiny capacities. I am open to lower offers though.

I feel like I'm fumbling in the dark with the pricing here- I've done some research online, but I really feel like I still have no real clue. As I've said repeatedly, all offers will be seriously considered and the first offer that I consider acceptable will win the item.

I do know my keyboards a lot better, though. I've got a whole bunch of old-school mechanical keyboards, a few of which are DIN (though most are PS/2) going for anywhere between 10 and 50 (and yes, they are worth it).

The cheapest are a bunch of Viglen-branded boards with ACER clicky switches on them, ranging from poor quality to nearly new. PS/2, 105-key, ISO layout, price steps at 10, 15, 20 for poor, average and good quality boards.

I also have a bunch of Dell boards for sale, mostly reasonable quality at 15 but I do still have one nearly-new at 20 on fixed-price eBay listings here:

ALPS complicated black (tactile, non-clicky) switches, 105-key USK ISO layout, PS/2 ports, full details on the listing.

I have two ALPS white XM Simplified (clicky) switch keyboards with a weird-looking old-fashioned layout and AT DIN connectors, both in good condition, for 30 each.

I have an ALPS Complicated white (clicky) keyboard with no lead, 102-key UK ISO layout, and apparently the switches alone are worth 20 so that's what I'm aiming for.

The cream of the crop is a Nan Tan board, roughly 1988 vintage, 102-key layout with a large return key and a small backspace, with complicated white (clicky) ALPS switches and a DIN connector, all of the keycaps are double-shot injection-moulded (none of this pad-printed rubbish, the lettering will never wear off as long as there's plastic on the keycaps) and the board is very solid with a steel backplate. This board is worth about 50, and shipping to the UK will be about 10-12 depending on courier- I wouldn't send a board this valuable by Royal Mail.

Oh, and I have a whole bunch of serial-port mice, maybe 5 each and I think I can probably include the shipping in that (I'd have to check).