Hello Chums

I have for your perusal here another Amibay Exclusive,
May I present the TC Hot-rodded BBC Model B 64K supplied with a Fully enclosed Cumana 3.5" Floppy Drive.

There are only 1 or 2 very minor marks on the case, & the function key strip is fully intact but some of the Logo wording has worn off over time, there are no School markings and the case still has it's trademark cream colouring.

It's an Issue 7 (final board) with the cool running Video Processor & in pretty good condition with No school markings at all.

It is also fitted with the std Acorn 8271 Floppy Disc Interface which provides 100% compatibility with all Acorn BBC Model B software formats.

The Board also has a fitted Econet Interface including all board soldered components but is missing the socketed controller chip, this is easy to find if Econet functionality needs to be enabled in the future, at the very least I could Supply one for you.

64K RAM you ask, Well the system has 32K RAM as std but I have modified the board and added 32K Sideways RAM as Banks F & B. similar use as to the Master series.

The mainboard has the std 16K v1.20 MOS ROM but also a custom 64K ROM in addition that holds.

1 Acorn Basic 2
2 Acorn 8271 DFS, includes form & verify & support for 3.5" drives
3 Acorn Graphics Extension ROM, Provides enhanced capabilities.
4 Beebaid V1.01 --- For Sideways RAM Housekeeping + more very useful tools

So in total 80K ROM firmware out of the box.

And...............you still have 3 Empty ROM sockets left for whatever else you would like to plug in...which will accept 16K,32K & 64K Roms simply plug & play...

This upgrade is non obtrusive & invisible, it does not use any xtra boards.

The Power Supply has been fully refurbished as has the whole machine & all ports tested except UHF output..

The Cumana drive has been fully refurbed & correctly modified for use with the 8271 Disc Controller, includes extra edge connector on the cable to daisy chain a 5,25" drive if required.
The 3.5" drive allows the flexibilty of easily creating real Disc Images using your PC's floppy drive that can be ported straight over to the Beeb.

Included are some 3.5" Floppy Discs with BBC Welcome Software & some Games ( Inc Elite SRAM )..
A Resource CD is also included with Full Software Library, all required Tools & Manuals.

Asking £76 UKP & p&p of £6.50 via p2g, sorry but EU only.
Buyer to pay Fees or paypal gift.

Any questions please fire away... With Sideways Ram Capability, 64K Sideways Rom support, and the 3.5" Floppy Drive this is a very flexible and powerfull machine, ready to plug in & go


Pictures to follow this afternoon.