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Thread: Post here everytime you get something new!

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    Default A long drive, but worth it.

    After a day of negotiating and a five hour round trip to a small town (with SaviorX along to keep me company) these two are the latest Amigas in my life.

    A very nice pair of A2000HD systems! Both are now clean and functional with the (just barely) leaking batteries removed.

    The one on the left is complete and boxed with the exception of the A2091, which is replaced by a GVP Impact 030 Combo RAM/SCSI/Accelerator card and also has an A20286 Bridge Board.
    The one on the right has the A2091 and original HDD. They came with a large box of software/games, a Golden Image optical mouse w/pad and oddly also manuals for A2000s, A1000s and A500s.

    I'll be looking for a new home for the non-boxed system and putting the other in my collection beside my Amiga 2000A.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Both SaviorX and I were sad to not have known about the Boxed Vectrex, Boxed Atari Jaguar and boxed TurboGrafx 16 (PC Engine) that the seller had which all came with many boxed games. At least the buyer of those was completely floored when he saw what I was picking up and drooled visibly over the Amigas.
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    While waiting for my presumably working A500, that I need for reference measurement to repair my other older A500...

    ...I happened to buy a A600, a really lovely little piece!

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    I managed to snag a boxed A4000D-030 with an 040 card. Came with tonne of original boxed software some of which was never even opened!, also a bunch of cards like an Emplant with mac roms and manuals, Sunrise AD1012 soundcard with all of its original manuals, A4090, DBLScan video adaptor and an Opalvision. There are also a bunch ofther things like a JX scanner, genlocks, midi interfaces with smpte, video grabbers and leads. Weirdly there is a boxed copy of Populous for the Amiga 1500 (box says not for resale! commodore).

    Sadly had to chuck a bunch of books as they were not savable, they were stored badly I assume, was a shame as those books were about video production etc, some even had the disks still sealed in them! going to have some fun cleaning those disks to image them. Oh and all of the boxed software have their keys etc (I think? need to work through it all).
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