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Thread: Amiga 1200 or 4000

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    Default Amiga 1200 or 4000

    Looking for an amiga 1200 with mouse and joystick; plain, no extras.

    If is not a US model, I don't need the AC adapter; I don't mind about the case color, since I will probably replace it in the future or paint it, to make a custom color. Manuals would be a nice extra, like a CF interface or SD IDE interface. It does not need to be a collector's condition, I am just starting again so I will have time to make it pretty later on I just want something that works reliably and has no battery damage or leaking caps.

    In alternative, a standard 4000 would also work

    Would be great if the seller is in USA; the costs to ship from UK or EU in general are prohibitive sadly

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    I have one of each in the middle spec range, and being in MO shipping would be more reasonable.

    A1200 "Petro" AT-type "NOS" with all manuals, shrink wrapped OS 3.1 and Magic Pack, UK 220 V -- added Blizzard 1230 CPU+FPU @50, 128 MB RAM, SCSI module with cable and 128 MB RAM, Amigakit 23-pin to 15-pin adapter, modded Black Hercules mATX dual voltage 500 W PSU with On-Off switch and fan, 40-GB HDD with OS install and WHDLoad partition, original and optical mouse.

    Well you get the idea; the A4000D is mid spec'd as well with Thylacine USB, X-Surf NIC, Cybervision64 (Passthru) and BigRam+ 256MB, 40 Gb HDD, DVD-RW and HD FDD.

    I'll send a PM.

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    Glad to hear that bdb

    PM sent for prices and payment details


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    Still looking for the 1200; skipping the 4000 for now.

    Hopefully someone has a 1200 to sell, before that I order it oversea

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    Finally found one; a coworker was nice enough to give me his for free; he found it in the attic and he is not using it since ages, but so far it power up and after a thorough cleaning, it works like a charm!

    Glad to have back my Amiga!

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    Great, glad you found one

    Shall we close the thread down?
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    Yes please; was looking for a way to close it, but didn't find one.


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