Wish to buy some games, cartrige must bi in mint condition and stickers too without any damage

offers send inbox , if price was good i will contact you

Nintendo NES

Double Dragon 1 & 2 PAL B

Megaman 1 PAL B
Megaman 2 (European Version English)
Megaman 3 PAL B
Megaman 4 PAL B
Megaman 5 PAL B
Megamana 6 NSTC

Bucky O'hare PAL B

Super Mario 2 PAL B
(only if seller can sell me some game what i write here on this list will not buy only Super Mario 2 alone)

Donkey Kong Classic , Donkey Kong 2 & 3

Kid Ikarus PAL B

Nintendo SNES
Supermetroid English PAL

Illusion of time English PAL

Secret of mana English PAL

Nintendo 64
Zelda Majora's Mask