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Thread: WTB Amstrad CPC 6128

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    Default WTB Amstrad CPC 6128

    Hi im new to this forum so I hope itīs the right place to start

    Im from Denmark, and loves the Amstrad, I grew up with a CPC464
    I still like to play the games and make small programs on it

    Im looking for a CPC 6128 to add to my little Amstrad colloection
    So I hope a lot that there is anyone out there who can help me find one there is full working, and maybe also one or 2 for spare parts

    Best Regards

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    I have one I am about to put for Sale, but will offer it here first.

    It is in good condition, and working. It has both ParaDOS and AmsDOS, selectable via a switch. The switch is accessed through one of the vent holes, so there has been no case cutting.

    I also have the spiral-bound manual that goes with it, and a set of self-made cassette leads which have been tested.

    It is a UK QWERTY keyboard.

    There is a self made SCART connector, which has a 5v passthrough in case your TV needs it.

    I do not have a power supply, but I have another (again, self made) adapter which allows the use of a Spectrum +3 PSU.

    The drive belt was replaced about 6 months ago, and thoroughly cleaned and lubricated the drive. It was tested with disks back then. I have not used the drive since however, but it should be good.

    I will send pictures when I take them.

    I am looking to get Ģ70 for this, plus postage. Postage to Denmark will be in the region of Ģ22

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