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Thread: UltraSatan and SatanDisk SD Cards - ready to go!

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    Default UltraSatan and SatanDisk SD Cards - ready to go!

    I now have in stock SD Cards ready to go with UltraSatan and SatanDisk devices. I have the following volumes currently available:-

    a) Blank card ready for use
    b) Cover disks and programming collection for the Atari ST

    You can find more information on the contents of these cards by visiting:-

    PRICE: 13.00 + P&P

    UK 2.90
    Europe: 3.90
    Rest of the world: 5.90

    Please note, I cannot put commercial software, including games, onto these SD Cards as it infringes copyright. If anyone knows anything to the contrary (abandonware etc), please can you get in touch. Thanks.
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