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Thread: How would you "pimp' an Amiga 3000D

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    Well if you look at what a 3000 is, a low end 030 system with scsi and a flicker fixer, in a compact case. A faster A500 with better ergonomics, then it makes sense. Lots of software from that time period that loves living in 640x256, looks great with the scanlines removed, and anything that needs square pixels is fine too. Most people think of 030s at 40-50Mhz but honestly 25Mhz ones are already streets ahead of what most software expects. So there's not really much to do to the thing out of the box, I think.

    What I would do with one is fairly simple. Replace the hard drive with an SCSI SD card reader (or CF, whatever they make these days), replace the fan with a modern quiet one, max out the ram to the full 16+2. Find an appropriately sized VGA CRT and plonk it on top. For my own personal taste I'd also put a network card in it, because I've got a home server.

    Superduper RTG/060/PPC systems are interesting for the novelty of seeing how far you can push such an old computer, but if you're into high end then a second hand draco is cheaper.
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